The British Art Show is a landmark touring exhibition that celebrates the vitality of recent art made in Britain. Organised every five years by Hayward Gallery Touring the exhibition brings the work of artists defining new directions in contemporary art to four cities across the UK.  

HOME + Manchester Art Gallery, 24th May - 22nd September 2022
Wolverhampton Art Gallery, 22nd January - 10th April 2022
Aberdeen Art Gallery, 10th July - 10th October 2021

Animal Antics, 2021, 37'00" 4K film, 5.1 surround sound (installed in Mad-Max Zoo Enclosure, 2022. 21 tonnes of sand, junk detritus, heat lamps, caging)    
Humans-Animals-Monsters, 2020, 24 parts. Lead, mirror
RAW (Dancefloor Edition), 2022.   480 x 600 x 220cm. Bricks, wood, scafold, scafold netting, 20 x motion detecting 'anti-drug' lights.













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